Hilltop Bean Festival

Chuck Patterson

Master of Ceremonies

Chuck Douglas Patterson, a lifelong resident of the Greater Hilltop area and someone that is shamelessly connected to his "beloved westside".
He has been a voice on Central Ohio radio stations for over three decades and has been in your ears as the voice of numerous radio and television commercials. These days he occupies himself mostly as a residential REALTOR.
Chuck has served the community as an elected member and chairman of the Greater Hilltop Area Commission, president of the Greater Hilltop Resource Center, president and elected trustee of Southfield Village Homeowners Association and in numerous other capacities.
In service to the city of Columbus, Chuck was a member of the Columbus Commission on Ethics and Values and the publicity chair for the inaugural year of the Columbus Midnight Basketball League. Somewhere along the way he managed to raise four children and today is the grandfather of six. He is quick to tell you that he was younger and stronger and needed less sleep back then, but here he is again today as the Historic Hilltop Bean Dinner Festival returns to the face-to-face, family-friendly tradition, it has been for so many years.

Welcome to the page dedicated to the famous Hilltop Bean Festival. The festival is an 80 year old tradition being held every June in Columbus’ Westgate Park. Despite the name – we don’t sit around a table eating beans! The event is a family friendly festival remembering the history that made the Columbus west side.
During the Civil War – the area now known as Westgate Park was a Civil War prison camp called “Camp Chase”.
While Westgate is now a gorgeous neighborhood – it used to be a very feared place by the Confederate soldiers. The soldiers were fed a ration of beans twice a day.
While we remember the nation divided during the Civil War – the Hilltop bean dinner unites people from all around Columbus in this one day of Music, a Variety of Food (including the famous beans), Arts and Craft Vendors, and an Antique Car Show. Come Join Us – This year’s event is being held June 25th between 10-5pm. 455 S. Westgate Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43204.

Here are some images from our 2019 Bean Festival