Dear Potential Arts & Crafts Vendor, 

I am sending you a special invite for the Hilltop Bean Dinner since you have participated in the past. We will be advertising this in the newspaper, but I wanted to give you advance notice. The Hilltop Bean Dinner will on June 30th, 2018. 

The space this year will be approximately the same as last year to accommodate the guidelines for the pop tents. It will be approximately a 12x12 foot area. This year the area will be by the pond under the trees.

You will have to bring your own tent, tables, chairs, etc that you will need to sell your wares. The price this year will be $75.00 per space and will be on a first come basis. 

We are looking forward to seeing you again and hope that this year will prove to be more successful than last.


Nancy Rhynard
Bean Dinner Director


Total Money: $0.00

2018 Bean Festival

The 2018 Bean Festival will be held on June 30th between 10-5pm at 455 S. Westgate Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43204.
Vendors that would like to participate in this year's festival please download the following form and send it to the address provided.
HBA Bean Festival Vendor Form
or fill out the on-line form here

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