We have plenty of exciting news

FIRST - your membership for 2021 was kept intact due to Covid as we were all "contained". As we move in to 2022 - and we will get out for meetings, we ask that you please join with membership to continue helping us help small business in the Greater Hilltop Area. We continue to liaise for small businesses in many areas. In 2020, we assisted with small business loans due to Covid restrictions, code and other concerns. We hope to continue to help in many areas again this year.

. . . Bean Dinner June 25 2022 Westgate Park

We hope you will join us.

Your membership choice could also include a community booth at the Bean Dinner. Please note, people call us regularly about this event taking place in 2022. WE hope you will want to showcase yourselves and your business.

Our spacing will be appropriate for COVID as we move music and food a bit further out in the park. There is ample space and the design looks exciting.

Community tent for business? Please see the attached membership form as some memberships include this perk. Price for the booths in the community tent with table provided is $250 for non members and $150 for HBA members.

Does your business have a food cart or truck? Do you want to attend the bean dinner? We would love to have you as we expand this area with great spacing! We are adjusting our pricing for food vendors.

Arts and crafts vendors? We are spaced well for you to come sell your wares. Our set up charge is still $75.00 and you supply your tent and table for a 12 x 12 space.

Non profit - church? We will be charging a small fee again for your setup $25.00 and some of you enjoy hosting childrens sections. Talk to me please and we can help you showcase and expand that activity!

Home remodeling or service business? You will be a great addition to the Arts/Crafts or Service area. Prior to Covid, a supplier for quality housing siding had a highly productive time at the Bean Dinner. The time is right for you to advertise to the Greater Hilltop and beyond.

Volunteers? We have openings to help serve food, assist in the children's section, set up event - tear down and more. We will assist in advertising yourself or your business while you serve the community.

and don't forget the car show at the Bean Dinner.

Please contact an HBA Board Member or myself for questions

Best regard,

Nancy Rhynard
HBA Economic Development
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614-531-5665 - text please