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The Hilltop Business Association has selected Chris Haydocy, President of Haydocy Buick GMC, Haydocy Airstream and RV and Road Adventures RV Rentals as its Member of the Year for 2019. The Haydocy family has operated its automotive business on the Hilltop since 1954, making this its 65th year on the Hilltop.
Chris Haydocy has been strongly committed to business development on the Hilltop and has worked with other business owners to bring new business to the West Broad Street corridor in particular. Chris Haydocy is founder and chairman of Weston Vision Inc., a non-profit corporation designed to help bring revitalization to the Weston District of the Hilltop. Haydocy has and continues to host numerous community meetings from block watch, Ohio to Erie Trail, City of Columbus and Franklin County Development.
Haydocy is proud to showcase the economic vitality of the Hilltop based on his business performance and Columbus Hollywood Casino being the top performing casino in the state of Ohio. Airstream & RV was named the second largest Airstream dealer (East of the Mississippi River) in 2018 and Haydocy believes the Hilltop location is key to achieving these sales numbers.
Since 2012 over 40 Weston district business have started new business ventures or invested significantly in this district. These investments include the Penn Gaming’s 450 million dollar into the Columbus Hollywood Casino, Romney Family investment into Matrix apartments and Mark Wahlberg investment in Bobby Layman Chevrolet. Haydocy is excited about potential new ventures for the district including redevelopment of Westland Mall and West Broad Street (east of Georgesville Road) and 5-star RV Resort.
Chris Haydocy is also Vice President of The Ohio to Erie Trail and helped develop the Camp Chase section of the Ohio to Erie Trail along with the Wilson Road Park and bike hub. Not only does the trail will brings thousands of cyclists through the Hilltop but it also has positive impact on community health, increasing home values and decreasing vacancy. In May 2019, Haydocy helped Wilson Road Park (one of four locations nationally) to host the announcement of the Great American 3,500 mile bike trail across the USA with the Midwest hub being in the Hilltop.

Environmental Court Judge Stephanie Mingo at the HBA

Franklin County Environmental Judge Stephanie Mingo was the speaker at the April 10 meeting of the HBA. Judge Mingo described the many types of issues she must deal with in her courtroom, including building code violations, illegal dumping and animal abuse. She often handles over 100 cases a day in her courtroom. The Judge explained that she can rule only on cases brought to her courtroom by the prosecuting attorneys, who have the discretion to determine what cases get filed. She also talked about the relation between drug houses and code violations and the need to follow up on these issues. Judge Mingo spoke for nearly an hour and provided much useful information. Her visit was greatly appreciated."

The Retirement
Master Sergeant Greg Corson 

The Hilltop Business Association recognized Master Sergeant Greg Corson on his retirement from the Ohio Air National Guard and U.S.
Air Force after serving 25 years. Greg and his wife Tasha are long time residents who have been active supporters of the Hilltop. Pictured are Greg and Tasha Corson and HBA president Fred Berkemer.

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2019 Bean Dinner Festival

The 2019 Bean Dinner Festival will be held on June 29th between 10-5pm at 455 S. Westgate Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43204.
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